Slings Myofascial Massage Balls 2pcs.

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The Slings Massage Balls are used to massage and hydrate the tissues of different parts of the body. The slightly rounded nubs enable gentle stimulation - even in sensitive areas such as the back of the head. The Slings Balls can also be used to improve balance and stability. An integrated valve allows the firmness to be adjusted to a certain extent.
The Slings balls are ideal for the complete exercise repertoire from Slings myofascial training and beyond. Properly applied, they can:

  • promote hydration and gliding of your fascia
  • Stimulate fascia and muscles
  • Prevent fascial adhesions or loosen existing ones
  • release myofascial tension
  • stimulate your blood circulation
  • Promote stability, strength, mobility and agility
  • improve your proprioception
  • Stimulate body and mind
  • calm the nervous system and thus improve "mañana competence"

10 cm Ø, 100 g, gold
Latex-free, BPA-free, phthalate-free, lead-free, REACH-compliant