Slings Myofascial Trigger Balls 2pcs

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The Slings Trigger Balls can be used to massage the feet, hands or specific areas of the shoulders. The surface is smooth and the non-slip texture allows you to pinpoint the area to be solved. The size is roughly the same as that of a squash ball and allows for a deeper, more precise release of trigger points.
When used correctly, the Slings Trigger Balls can:

  • Resolve adhesions in the fascia and thereby improve mobility
  • Release myofascial tension
  • promote hydration and gliding of your fascia
  • Stimulate fascia and muscles
  • Resolve trigger points with precision
  • improve your circulation
  • Promote mobility in hands, shoulders and feet
  • Improve your haptic perception in your hands.

40 mm Ø, 20 g, silver
Latex free, BPA free, phthalate free, lead free, REACH compliant